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SportLadz – Leo Ocean and Piotr Tomyek’s wild raw fuckfest

11 Oct , 2015   Gallery

Appropriate for this month, white-as-a-ghost Brit kid Leo Ocean (we actual get requests for him specifically!) decided it’s time to learn to skateboard. It does not go well despite the best efforts of his Czech friend PyotrTomyk. He surrenders and they decide to walk home together on the traintrack, not really thinking a train might come along.

Things take quite the shift once the duo are back home without being flattened by a train, and soon enough Leo and Pyotr are coming up with new ways to entertain themselves. Leo’s quite the fuckboy and he loves to take it up the ass for his friend, his pale skin making Pyotr look twice as dark as the tanned boy is. Pyotr fucks him so hard in so many positions that Leo cums all over the place and wants more but Pyotr’s ready now and blows his load all over the boy’s face.

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bareback,fucking,sucking,teenaged boys

two bottoms learn to take turns

9 Oct , 2012  

Brad Fitt and Tim Law are both very eager bottom boys so they had to get creative in this hot matchup and take turns! But they had to compromise and they agree to top each other only if it’s raw — hot stuff. Click here to check out the whole vid!

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kyler moss gets fucked by krys perez

17 Aug , 2012  

It’s a brand new set featuring favorite boy Kyler Moss with the newcomer to Boycrush, Krys Perez! In this hot set Kyler makes sure he gets his friend all worked up with some hot kissing then a really enthusiastic blowjob before Krys can’t resist and spins the kid around to start fucking his tight ass standing up — but that’s just not deep enough for Kyler so he slides himself on top of Krys’ hard dick and and starts riding it like there’s no tomorrow! Click here to check out the entire video!

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bareback,fucking,sucking,teenaged boys

exclusive scott alexander gets taken for a spin by andy kay

23 Mar , 2012  

I just posted a few days ago about the new exclusive kid Scott Alexander on Boycrush and he’s back as promised in this super hot bareback set getting the shit fucked out of him by Andy Kay. For only his second time on camera he’s really comfortable and really, really gets into it. Or it gets into him so to speak! 🙂 This kid is super cute and I can’t wait to see more of him — click here to check out the whole vid!

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fucking,sucking,teenaged boys

two super hot freshman with huge dicks!

30 Oct , 2011  

Okay…these boys have got fucking huge dicks. And this vid is so damned hot I’ve never made it past the blowjobs with cumming — you can tell they both are really having fun and just wow the fucking part makes the blowjobs look tame which is amazing — you gotta see this to believe it, this vid by itself is worth the price of admission but there’s like ten more I saw in one glance I gotta check out as soon as my dick recovers lol. Click here to check out the vid!

[ click here to see ian and james ]

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cute teenboy matt

31 Mar , 2011  

Here’s something as nice as a party weekend — cute teenboy Matt from Boyfun and wow he’s just so damned adorable! Pouty lips, gorgeous body and check out the tat — so cute! Click here to check the whole video!

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nathan learns a new skill

2 Nov , 2010  

Nathan is about to try something new — double penetration with Lexx Jammer and Patrick Kennedy. Can honestly say I’m jealous! Click here to check out the entire video.

[ click here to see Nathan’s first time! ]

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