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We’re not using Flash as the first option for video any more but have changed to HTML5 video — it’s faster, works with more browsers/phones/tablets, and you don’t need to frantically update three different Flash programs to be sure you don’t get problems. All modern browsers will work just fine with this — but if you’re on Internet Explorer 9 you might need to grab Google and Microsoft’s free update to it to get it working properly (click here). This is an update to IE 9 that is going to be necessary to view video on more and more websites as Flash gets phased out.


This site is optimized for Google Chrome/IE 10/Firefox 15. Pretty much any version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari released since 2011 or even earlier should display the website fine. IE 9 most often works though it occasionally throws a harmless script error up, it hasn’t quite kept up with the rest of the browsers. IE 8 might work okay, but I wouldn’t advise using it because it’s just a huge security risk to browse the web with a three year old web browser.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on Mac, Windows, or Linux — everything should work regardless.


Since this is a brand-new design from the ground up there will likely be a few bugs to chase down. So if you’re having a problem, you can get in touch with me at the contact page here!


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