new kid tommy cash gets fucked bare by lenny simpson

28 Oct , 2015   Gallery


Meet the new kid on the block.These two are so cute together! Tommy Cash is 21, 5’8 (174cm) and weighs in at a tiny 123lbs (56kg). He’s joined by familiar face Lenny Simpson, who at nearly 6′ (168cm) is quite a bit taller than Tommy. But Tommy’s got those lovely grey eyes. They don’t waste much time fooling around before they get excited and it quickly jumps to hot teenboy bareback action in this awesome series! Click here to check the entire series out!

[ yes, there’s video of this teenboy bareback too! click here! ]


anderson lovell relives his first time with some help from kyle ross

8 Jan , 2013  

Sexy Spanish kid Anderson Lovell has always been a horny boy — even at a very young age he recalls wanting some hot teenboy ass to fuck. We’re fortunate enough that Kyle Ross is on hand to re-enact these first moments and Anderson is more than willing to give it to him hard — click here to check out the entire vid!

[ click here to hear about anderson’s first time ]

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live now!

13 Dec , 2012  

Ayden Daniels — super cute! Click here to chat with him!


[ click here to chat with ayden ]


teenboy jade has a new vid!

16 Nov , 2012  

One of my favorite boys at Boyfun Collection is Jade Parker. Just love his smile and his attitude and wow he’s adorable! Not to mention he likes to top — here’s a teaser of his latest video, click here to check out the whole thing!

[ click here to see jade parker have a wank! ]

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a note on video and site updates (sticky – scroll down for newer posts!)

16 Aug , 2012  

Updated 19 August  At this point after fully demo-ing Windows 8 with the new IE there’s still problems with video on IE that only Microsoft can solve…and probably won’t any time soon. I recommend getting a modern, compatible browser such as Chrome (here or Windows 8 Version here), Firefox (here), or Opera (here). They work just fine, and I’m guessing you guys would rather be able to watch the vids and not have to mess around with a fucked-up web browser :\

I’ve made quite a few upgrades to this site over the past couple of weeks so hopefully it’s all going smooth and sorry for any difficulty with pages it may have caused. One of the things some of you running Internet Explorer 9 may have trouble with, if you haven’t updated to the latest software, is video. As of August 15th, Adobe has ended all support for Flash on mobile phones, just after ending all support for it on Linux. To avoid a mess down the road, I’ve changed everything over to HTML5 video.

This also means you don’t have to constantly worry if your Flash player is up to date in three places to use the site — the browsers do all the work for you. However IE 9 as usual is not an easy one to work with because it doesn’t like to play by the same rules everyone else does. If you are having problems playing a video, you might need to get the Google + Microsoft update to IE 9 (and maybe 10 :() here to play it (safe link, it’s Google!) from here.

It’s a good idea to go ahead and do this in any case because more and more sites will be using this system to play videos. But if you’re still having trouble or have questions you can contact me here 🙂



sticky — check out my little brother’s blog! (scroll down for newer posts)

9 Jan , 2011  

My little bro just launched his new blog uncutinnocence.com —  be sure and check it out!


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19 Nov , 2010  

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