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teenboy tyler thayer has a wank for the camera

21 Oct , 2015   Gallery

Meet new boy Tyler Thayer:

tyler thayer from boycrush

With a ready smile and a cute personality, this boy attracts attentions from girls as well as boys. Just a natural beauty. He loves sport and the outdoors. And, well, to take this description in an entirely new direction, jfc look at the size of his dick! In this scene Tyler whips it out to stroke it for the cam and brings a toy along for the ride. (Sorry, had to say it!) He was enjoying the whole thing, smiling and laughing a lot. There’s a lot more to Tyler than just a gorgeous face and a big dick, tho, and there’s alsoan interview with him if you want to get to know a bit more about this new teenboy! Here’s some more pics for your enjoyment, there’s a ton more here (clickety)!

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bareback fun with peter jensen and lenny simpson

12 Oct , 2015  


Two hot boys from Doggyboys go at it like rabbits — look ma, no condoms!


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drenched in cum

11 Oct , 2013  

Zack Randall met up with jizz lover Phillip Ashton, a match was made in heaven -Phillip practically BEGGED to be in a scene with Zack. He even offered to work for free so long as he got to taste Zack’s load. Well, he got what we wanted. See him take his own load and then Zack’s creamy goo all over his face and in his mouth – click here!

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three cute kids, one hot shower, lots of dropped soap and other stuff

26 May , 2013  

Teenboy Jayden is down on his knees in the hot shower while Zack Randall and Jacob Wright face-fuck him while they make out…then they move on to bigger things and take turns rimming and fingering the kid before finally pounding his tight teenboy ass so hard he begs for mercy and begs for more. It all cums down to a cum-drenched climax all over the shower door — hot! Click here to check out the entire vid!

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adorable kid curtis mitchell cuts out the middleman

11 Feb , 2013  

It’s difficult enough to get someone to suck you off let alone count on it being a good one or get to taste some of your boy juice yourself. Lots of times sticking your dick out the window feels better. So in this hot vid from the brand new site SelfSuckingBoyfriends, adorable brown-haired kid Curtis Mitchell has figured out how to solve the problem by sucking himself off — ouch, hot! And this way he doesn’t have to beg to get a mouthful of his own hot cum — click here to check out the entire video!

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teenboy dylan chambers fucks skater boy jacob marteny

31 Jan , 2013  

If you like cum, this vid is for you — super hot kid Dylan Chambers hooks up with very sexy long-haired skater kid Jacob Marteny. They suck on each other as a warm-up but before Jacob wants more and he takes it up the ass in every position until he finally can’t resist anymore and blows a hot creamy load all over himself. Soon after, Dylan cums in his condoms and pours his hot boyjuice into Jacob’s eager mouth — yowch! Click here to check out the entire vid!

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drake and dylan suck and fuck

26 Jan , 2013  

Here’s some new teenboys for your Saturday! Drake Jones and Dylan Dexter go at it like horny rabbits in this brand BFCollection set — I just love the shot where he’s completely decorated in cum! Click here to check out the entire set!

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