justin cross and kayden alexander on boysinboys

justin cross and kayden alexander on boysinboys – boys of the week 2017-30-01

justin cross and kayden alexander on boysinboys


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I’m sure you’ve seen those reality shows where they “hand off” the camera to contestants and usually the most interesting thing you get is a lot of photos of feet and a dropped camera that probably cost more than they were paid.

This isn’t that. These kids get together and just messs around and have fun playing with each others’ dicks with a bit of tongue thrown in for fun. And they get down to some crazy shit, but it’s so hot and playful and fuck I wanna see so much more of these hot teenboys. Especially Kayden, he’s super cute and I love that long blonde hair. He alsolikes to…sit on things….and Justin’s more than happy to oblige the skinny weed of a hot blonde boy and fuck his little brains out for him. And I’m usually more of a bottom but twist my arm I’d love to fuck the shit out of Kayden Alexander.

Kayden likes it doggy, too, and the boys have more fun than they should ever be allowed to. This is one hot set I just wish were the one Kayden Alexander rode so hard his cap and his innocence fell off as he gave out little moans of pleasure until he finally shot his load all over the lens. Or was the me? idek…Justin Cross is a hot boy but I’ve got a thing for slender blonde boys with cute smiles and no modesty.

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